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This list below provides our current availability. The market rate advertised is for a twelve month lease. Should you desire a six month lease, your rate will be market + $50 per month. The information below will change automatically when we receive notices-to-vacate from our residents or when a deposit is paid on a unit and our availability changes, so feel free to check back often. Should you wish to apply for a unit, select the unit and click “Apply Online.” We would love for you to call Belhaven home!

Video tours are available when you click on the unit of your interest. To physically view a unit, the unit must first be showing as “Available Now.” You can call our office to schedule a viewing for any units “Available Now.” Video tours may not be of the actual unit you will occupy; however, the video tour accurately represents the floor plan and provides a generic representation of the quality of the unit.  Some differences in your actual unit may exist, like color of counter tops or type and color of flooring. We encourage you to inspect your unit prior to signing your lease agreement to make sure you are comfortable with your move-in.

Information on the leasing process and our leasing criteria can be found on the “Apply Online” tab at the top of the website.

There, you will find a helpful checklist of all the items you will need to complete your application, as well as a list of all of our leaseing criteria, to help you should you have any questions about our application or application process. If you have any additional questions about your application or our current availability, feel free to call our office. (601)-948-3460

We are incredibly excited you are interested in our historic neighborhood!

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