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Renovation Projects

Belhaven Residential values the historic character and charm of the neighborhood and its structures. That’s why we are on a mission to preserve properties that appear to have fallen into disrepair. We have bought several properties that others have concluded would cost too much to restore, yet we continue to invest the time and capital necessary to bring the property back to usefulness. We lean on the expertise of our architects, the Mississippi Department of Archives & History, and city officials in the permit office and Historic Preservation Commission to plan and execute projects. These transformations excite us, and we are very proud of the finished product.

The properties we restore have a strong foundation, modern electrical and plumbing, new insulation, new heating and cooling equipment, and new appliances. These properties maintain their original historic charm but meet modern efficiency and code requirements. In 2010, Belhaven Residential received an Award of Merit from the Jackson Historic Preservation Commission for 811 N Jefferson Street, the neighbor to The Oaks. We also received an Honorable Mention in 2013 for the restoration/reconstruction project at 920 Harding Street.

* A special thank you to Sam Lane with First Commercial Bank for his commitment to the improvement of Belhaven and his support of our vision.

1032 Spengler Ave (Spring 2016)

What a history! Thank you to Bill Harvey  and Jesse Yancy for this essay:


Spengler 1Spengler 2


img_5443        img_5441

img_5415    img_5413


944 Harding (Fall 2014)


944 Harding front 944 Harding back


IMG_2750 IMG_2729

Crescent Corner, 796 Lorraine Street

CC 1 CC 2

CC 3    CC 4

1020 Riverview Drive (Spring 2014)


1020 RV hail damage

Closeup of damage from the March 2013 Hailstorm

1020 RV hail damage2 IMG_0257


IMG_1625.1   IMG_1623

920 Harding Street


920 Harding 1 920 Harding 10

920 Harding 4920 Harding 2


920 Harding 6 920 Harding 7

920 Harding 8 920 Harding 9


937 Harding Street


937 Harding 1 937 Harding 2

937 Harding 3


937 Harding 4

811 N Jefferson Street (Spann House)


Spann 1Spann 2


Spann 4 Spann 3



Spann 11     Spann 10

Spann 9 Spann 8

Spann 7 Spann 6

Spann 5